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Colm Tóibín wins the 2023 Von Rezzori Prize

Colm Tóibín has been named the winner of the 2023 Von Rezzori Prize, an award celebrating the best work of Italian-translated foreign fiction. He is awarded for his novel The Magician, published by Einaudi in Italy, and translated by Giovanna Granato.

The Chair of Judges, Beatrice Monti della Corte, has said: "It is difficult for me to speak of Colm Tóibín as one of the many writers who came to stay and work in Santa Maddalena, because Colm was my first guest, who came here because he was writing his book on Henry James. He wanted to absorb the atmosphere of Florence of those times, and in this house so far from everything he still found an atmosphere, small details, in short, some signs of kindness. Those visits became more frequent, and they went hand in hand with the trips we took together. Our friendship also meant seeing together, developing a common way of looking. Colm knew how to look ironically at my way of looking. Rewarding Colm is basically very easy: I think Colm is one of the most original and interesting writers that these years of intense work with artists have given me."

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