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Announcing the DRF David Miller Internship Programme for 2022 in partnership with Creative Access

The DRF David Miller Bursary, currently awarded to a developing rights professional already working in the business, is to be refocused on creating entry pathways for people from groups under-represented in the sector, in partnership with Creative Access, a leading social enterprise specialised in diversity, equity and inclusion.

The biennial award will be renamed the DRF David Miller Internship Programme and with its educational brief will support two paid internships over a 6-week period.

The programme will offer an entry level introduction to rights and agenting in publishing companies and literary agencies, providing a full understanding of the role of rights professionals within the wider industry. This will be achieved through first-hand experience and intensive training, with the specific aim of providing a significant steppingstone to the successful candidates in their search for future employment. Their educational schedule will include involvement with The Frankfurt Book Fair in October, the key yearly rights event. The two interns will be given mentoring and guidance throughout their placements.  

Payment will be made in two stages, based on the current rate of the London living wage @ £11.05 per hour for seven hours per day for six weeks (£2400). Expenses of £100 per week will be included for travel and other expenses.  The total payable to each intern will therefore be £3000, of which £2000 will be paid at the start of the programme and £1000 after four weeks.

Accommodation will be provided and paid for if needed.

Companies committed to the programme and who will provide placements include RCW, David Higham, ILA, Penguin Random House, Faber and Profile Books.  

Creative Access will lead the search for candidates with a particular focus in attracting those from communities under-represented in the sector. They will facilitate the initial longlisting of potential candidates, from which a shortlist will be agreed. The selection of the two successful interns will be made by an interview panel comprised of highly experienced rights professionals associated with the Foundation, with interviews planned for early July. The internships will commence in mid-September and run for six weeks.

Applications should be made here to Creative Access, and will close on 26th June. For further information about the programme, and for details of how to apply, please visit the DRF website:  

The internships will be overseen and managed by the Trustees of the Deborah Rogers Foundation, together with senior executives from the collaborating publishing houses and agencies.

The DRF David Miller Internship Programme is named in memory of RCW agent David Miller who died in 2016.

Gill Coleridge, Founder of the Deborah Rogers Foundation, comments:

‘One of Deborah’s defining qualities was her total commitment to supporting and nurturing those with talent, whether a new author or someone within the agent and publishing community. Selling and managing rights is at the heart of our business so we set up the original Bursary scheme to help exceptional young professionals who are already working in this field develop their contacts and understanding of international publishing at a crucial point in their careers.

It is now fitting that we refocus and develop this scheme into the David Miller Internship Programme, and I know that David would have given this new venture his whole-hearted support. The Board of the DRF is extremely grateful to those Trustees who have undertaken the review and are now leading this forward.’

Richard Cable, Director of the Deborah Rogers Foundation, comments:

‘The David Miller Bursary has shone a light on the key role that rights professionals play within the publishing industry. It now feels entirely right that we are broadening the potential impact of the award by giving two people this remarkable opportunity to have an in-depth programme that will introduce them to the world of rights and agenting, working alongside some of the most influential and experienced teams in the business. We very much hope that this will provide a springboard for the successful candidates to enter the publishing arena.’

Laurence Laluyaux, Head of International Rights at RCW and Trustee of the Deborah Rogers Foundation, comments:

‘Deborah and David shared a passion for international publishing and put rights at the heart of agenting. As physical and economic borders are closing in, it feels more important than ever to open the doors widely and the David Miller Internship Programme is a wonderful opportunity to work towards greater accessibility and inclusion in the hope that it will help lead to structural changes. We look forward to welcoming this year’s mentees.’

Josie Dobrin, Chief Executive of Creative Access, Partner to the DRF for the David Miller Internship Programme, says:

‘At a time when financial obstacles are a key barrier to entering the industry for many young people, it is brilliant to see the DRF David Miller Internship Programme offering support with accommodation and travel costs in addition to the fully paid internship. This is a really pioneering scheme, which sets a new standard for internships and will open up the sector to even more people from communities under-represented in publishing and literary rights and agenting and we are thrilled to be a key partner.’


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