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Steve Wilkins & Jonathan Hill's 'The Pembrokeshire Murders' Adapted for Television

The Pembrokeshire Murders, written by police detective Steve Wilkins and ITV journalist Jonathan Hill, has been adapted into a three-part series for ITV. It chronicles the race to convict John Cooper – the serial murderer who was nicknamed ‘The Bullseye Killer’ by the press in the mid-‘oos, and sees Luke Evans star as detective Steve Wilkins who, along with ITV news journalist Jonathan Hill, was instrumental in bringing John Cooper to justice. 

The murderer’s nickname is derived from an appearance he had made on popular ’80s darts-based game show Bullseye shortly before committing his first double murder – with footage from the show having played a key role in helping to identify him as the killer. The three-parter will air across consecutive nights from Monday 11th January 2021, and the book is published by Hachette now.

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