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19 January 2022

'The Stranding' by Kate Sawyer to be adapted for screen by Afua Hirsch’s company

Film and TV rights have been sold for Kate Sawyer’s Costa First Novel Shortlisted The Stranding to Afua Hirsch’s production company Born in Me and Fremantle. Afua Hirsch commented: “I loved this book from the minute I began reading it - Kate has created intriguing characters in a powerful, haunting world that I couldn’t be more excited to build upon with her in a visual medium."  

The Stranding was published in hardback June 2021 by Coronet, an imprint of Hodder and Stoughton, and was the winner of the Fiction Prize at the East Anglian Book Awards 2021. Kate Sawyer's debut is about a woman who hides from the end of the world in the belly of a whale. The author said: "I am delighted that the rights for The Stranding have gone to Born in Me and Fremantle. I have long been an admirer of Afua's work; to be co-writing on this project is a privilege but also, having discussed our visions for the adaptation, I am excited about how aligned we are in our desire to bring the beauty and the hope of this story to the screen and new audiences." 

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19 January 2022

Official Roku Channel Trailer for the Docu-Series 'The Fix'

Based on Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs by Johann Hari and narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, docu-series The Fix debunks common misunderstandings about drugs and addiction in the US. Stream free on January 21. The series examines the issues that have driven so many to lives to addiction, as well as the costs of the drug war in America, which has been criticized as a driver of increased violence and suffering due to the fact that harsher sentencing has incarcerated record numbers of people, yet has had no impact on addiction rates. 

The Fix is directed by Jeremiah Zagar along with Nathan Caswell, Cassidy Gearhart and Josh Banville. It was produced by Public Record, Jeff Hays Films and Story Syndicate. Executive producers are Zagar, Johann Hari, Jeff Hays, Jeremy Yaches, Dan Cogan, Jon Bardin, Liz Garbus and Geralyn White Dreyfous.


04 January 2022

John Preston's 'Fall' Wins Costa Book Award 2021

Fall: The Mystery of Robert Maxwell by John Preston has triumphed in the biography category at the Costa Book Awards and is now eligible for the final prize – book of the year. The Sunday Times bestseller is published by Penguin in the UK and details the media tycoon Robert Maxwell’s bullying, lies and looting of pension funds in an absorbing profile of the war hero turned rogue. Working Title have optioned the rights for a limited television series. 

Judges said John Preston's biography Fall was "epic" and "a unanimous winner". This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Costa Book Awards, which are the only major prize open solely to authors living in the UK and Ireland and celebrate books in five categories - first novel, novel, biography, poetry and children's book. The overall winner of the 2021 Costa Book of the Year will receive £30,000 and will be announced at a ceremony on February 1.

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