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Tom Crewe, Fiona Benson and Cecile Pin win Society of Author Awards

Congratulations to all the winners of this year's Society of Authors Awards! Especially -

Fiona Benson for winning a Cholmondeley Award which recognises poets’ sustained excellence across a body of work. "The Cholmondeley Awards prove that excellence can be perceived across a wide range of poetry from a diversity of poets. It is hoped that the recipients will feel valued, encouraged and truly celebrated."

Cecile Pin for winning a Somerset Maugham Award. The judges said "this year’s Somerset Maugham Award shortlist was made up of young voices who used poetry, non-fiction, fiction, or other forms entirely, to explore history in unique fashions and to tell stories that document the present, reveal the author’s psyche, delve deep into our emotions and take us down roads of imaginative brilliance."

Tom Crewe for winning a Betty Trask Award. The judges praised The New Life as "a brilliantly complex and moving novel that does what the best historical fiction does: bringing the past alive in your head and your heart. It’s extraordinary to read a debut novel that has such subtlety, such range of both language and feeling. Rarely do I feel so certain of the truth of that first novel cliché: this is the start of a dazzling career."

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