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Stephanie Sy-Quia Wins Two Prizes at the Society of Authors Awards 2022

The winners of this year's Society of Authors Awards have been revealed, and Stephanie Sy-Quia has won two prizes for her debut Amnion (Granta), a Somerset Maugham and an Eric Gregory award. Amnion is a contemporary lyric epic, journeying from the Philippines to Libya, through France, Spain, and the UK. This debut collection of poems questions keenly and urgently the roots of migration and colonialism, charting what it means to grow up in a family divided by geography, history and language.

W. Somerset Maugham set up a fund in 1947 to enable young writers to enrich their work by gaining experience of foreign countries, and the awards are given for a published work of fiction, non-fiction or poetry; the Eric Gregory Awards, awarded for a collection by poets under the age of 30, were founded in 1960 by the late Dr Eric Gregory for the encouragement of young poets.

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