Submissions should include a covering letter telling us about yourself and the background to the book. In the case of fiction they should consist of the first three chapters or approximately the first fifty pages of the work to a natural break, and a brief synopsis. Non-fiction submissions should take the form of a proposal up to twenty pages in length explaining what the work is about and why you are best placed to write it. Material should be in 12 point font, in double-spacing and on one side only of A4 paper.

Agents who are open to general e-mail submissions indicate so on their individual agent page.

We cannot acknowledge receipt of material and nor can we accept responsibility for anything you send us, so please retain a copy of material submitted. Material will be returned only if sent with an adequately stamped and sized self-addressed envelope; if return postage is not provided the material will be recycled.

YA and Children’s fiction should be submitted via email to . We regret that this department cannot undertake to read submissions from the US due to the large volume received.

We will try to respond within six to eight weeks of receipt of your material, but please appreciate that this isn’t always possible as we must give priority to the authors we already represent.

Please note that we do not represent scripts for theatre, film or television.