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Society of Authors unveils Prize Winners, including Hammad, Adam, Ellams & Brown

Claire Adam, Isabella Hammad, Inua Ellams and Luke Brown are among the winners of this year's £100, 000 Society of Author Awards. Inua Ellams and Luke Brown each received the £1, 600 Travelling Scholarships, while Isabella Hammand was awarded the £5, 400 Betty Trask Prize for The Parisian and Claire Adam the £4, 000 McKitterick Prize for Golden Child.

Society of Authors chair Joanne Harris presented the awards via an online ceremony on 18th June. She said: “We’ve always said that receiving an SoA Award can be transformational for an author. They aren’t about promoting big corporate sponsors. They don’t seek out one big winner and say ‘This one’s best of all’. Each year, they reward the breadth and depth of books and words, and reward authors at the start of their careers as well as those well established."

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