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The Estate of Terry Pratchett joins RCW

Dunmanifestin, the Terry Pratchett Estate, are delighted to announce that they have engaged Jon Wood, of RCW Literary Agency, as a consultant on literary matters. Jon Wood will help the Estate handle Sir Terry’s existing body of work as well as representing any future ancillary projects. RCW manages the literary estates of many distinguished writers, including Angela Carter, Raymond Chandler, Alasdair Gray, P.G. Wodehouse, Nancy Mitford and others.

Rob Wilkins said: “Jon has already proven to be a fantastic addition to the team, helping tend the vast canon that Terry left behind as well as assisting in the development of exciting new projects. Terry grows ever-more established as one of literature’s great figures, and we are delighted to have one of his most enthusiastic cheerleaders at our side.’

Jon Wood said: “I have loved Terry’s writing since my teens, so this is pretty much a dream come true. It’s also a hugely exciting time to be working with the Estate. There are so many good things happening right now: in TV; in film; in Rob’s upcoming biography this autumn and with the rollout of the star-studded new audio adaptions. But, in the end, I share one huge ambition with Rob and his team – that Sir Terry continues to be remembered as one of the most astute and humane of all modern writers.”

Jon can be contacted on through and for any Pratchett approaches or queries.

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