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'The Wife of Willesden': Zadie Smith's reworking of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

For her debut play, bestselling author Zadie Smith has adapted The Wife of Bath, from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, for 21st-century north-west London. The Wife of Willesden explores the place of women in society and tells the story of Alvita (played by Clare Perkins), a Jamaican-born British woman in her mid-50s who has also been married numerous times. It touches on misogyny, slut-shaming and domestic violence.

Commissioned to celebrate Brent's year as Borough of Culture 2020, The Wife of Willesden premiered at the Kiln Theatre, London in September 2020. Tickets are available to purchase until 15th January 2022 and the play is published in book form by Penguin. 

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