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Valeria Luiselli Wins Rathbones Folio Prize 2020

Valeria Luiselli is this year's winner of the £30,000 Rathbones Folio prize for her third novel, Lost Children Archive, published in the UK by 4th Estate. She accepted the prize from her home in New York in the first ever digital-only Rathbones Folio Prize ceremony, which was initially supposed to take place at the British Library in London. The writer said in her speech, "Giving a literary prize- right now- means that we believe in what we're doing. It means that we believe in books as the vehicles of something much greater than us, something that will outlive us."

This is the first time the annual prize – which rewards the best work of literature of the year, regardless of form – has been awarded to a woman since its inception in 2013. Congratulations to Valeria Luiselli on receiving the award and to Zadie Smith, Sinéad Gleeson, Azadeh Moaveni and Fiona Benson on their nominations.  

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