Georgia Garrett

Georgia Garrett joined Rogers, Coleridge and White as a director in 2011, having been a director of AP Watt and an agent at the Wylie Agency. Prior to that she was editorial director at Picador and an editor at Victor Gollancz. She represents writers of fiction, narrative non-fiction and children’s books. Her clients include:

Aaronovitch, David
Baddiel, David
Barber, Lynn
Dunthorne, Joe
Evans, Lissa
Freeman, Hadley
Gardiner, Juliet
George, Amika
Grant, Richard E
Grosz, Stephen
Hammad, Isabella
Heawood, Sophie
Heller, Zoe
Hensher, Philip
Hobson, Charlotte
Hornby, Nick
Hubbard, Kate
Hughes, Sali
Kennard, Luke
Kneale, Matthew
Knight, India
Kynaston, David
Johnson, Rachel
Leith, Sam
McGrath, Melanie
Markovits, Ben
Matar, Hisham
Milton, Giles
Moore, Tim
Moran, Caitlin
O’Farrell, John
Patterson, Christina
Perkins, Emily
Phillips, Caryl
Raverat, Anna
Sands, Philippe
Smith, Giles
Smith, Zadie
Summerscale, Kate
Syal, Meera
Ruth Thomas
Towers, Andrew
Tredget Luke

Assistant Name: Honor Spreckley
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