Juliet Gardiner

Juliet Gardiner is a historian. She has been a Research Fellow at the Institute of Historical Research, editor of History Today, publisher at Weidenfeld & Nicolson, and an academic. Since 2001 she has been a full time writer and her books include the Penguin Dictionary of British History (2000); Wartime: Britain 1939-1945 (2004); The Children’s War (Portrait in association with the Imperial War Museum, 2006). Her books The Thirties: An Intimate History and The Blitz were published in 2011 by HarperCollins. Following these were IWM War on the Home Front: Experience Life in Britain During the Second World War in 2012 and IWM the Second World War on the Home Front in 2015.

She was the historical consultant and on-screen member of the ‘war cabinet’ in the The 1940s House (2000) for Channel Four and wrote the accompanying book, and also that for The Edwardian Country House (2002). In 2006, she acted as historical advisor for Working Title’s film of Ian McEwen’s novel, Atonement.

Juliet Gardiner is a frequent broadcaster both on radio and television and has written and reviewed for various publications including The Times, Guardian, Financial Times, Daily Telegraph Magazine, Evening Standard, Daily Mail, History Today and BBC History magazine.

Her memoir Joining the Dots and was published by HarperCollins in 2017.

She lives in East London.


Agent Name: Georgia Garrett

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