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Susan Irvine

Susan Irvine was born in Scotland and had a diverse upbringing in Africa, Asia and America. Irvine is a former beauty and fashion writer before turning to fiction. Irvine’s interest and first-hand knowledge of fashion informs much of her writing. Her first novel, Muse (2008), and her short story collection, Corpus (2009), were both published by Quercus. Her most recent book on Cristobal Balenciaga is part of the Vogue on Designers series, and was published by Quadrille in 2013. Susan Irvine lives in London.

Books in order of publication:

Perfume (1995)

The Perfume Guide (2000)

The Garden at Forest Hall (2003)

Muse (2008)

Corpus (2009)

Vogue on Cristobal Balenciaga (2013)

Susan Irvine Titles