Claire Wilson

Claire Wilson joined RCW in 2007, having previously worked in publishing sales and rights, and became a director in 2015. She now looks after an eclectic list of the best children’s and YA authors, including Katherine Rundell, Sally Green, Sara Barnard, Melinda Salisbury, Cerrie Burnell and Zana Fraillon. The authors on her list have been nominated for or won every major children’s prize, including the Costa, the National Book Awards, the Carnegie and the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize. She is always open to submissions, and particularly drawn to strong voices, unusual concepts, and humour. Her clients include:

Alexia Casale
Alice Oseman
Carlie Sorosiak
Catherine Doyle
Cerrie Burnell
Ed Clarke
Helen Etty/Eve
Joseph Elliott
Karen Gregory
Katherine and Elizabeth Corr
Katherine Rundell
Katherine Webber
Kay Woodward
Kiera O’Brien
Lauren James
Lou Kuenzler
Louise Yates
Mary Hoffman
Mary Watson-Seoighe
Melinda Salisbury
Michelle Magorian
Moira Fowley-Doyle
Pearl Morrison
Rosie Rowell
Ross Montgomery
Sally Green
Sara Barnard
Sue Monroe
Tanya Byrne
Tom Easton
Zana Fraillon

Her email is: moc.y1544446257cnega1544446257tilwc1544446257r@nos1544446257liwer1544446257ialc1544446257
Follow Claire Wilson on Twitter: @cmlwilson