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Mary Watson

Mary Watson is a lapsed academic who lives on the west coast of Ireland with three small boys and three magic hens. The youngest of four sisters, Mary is originally from Cape Town where she has worked as a library assistant, art museum custodian, butchery girl and actress in children’s musicals. She studied creative writing at the University of Cape Town under the mentorship of André Brink. After completing an MA at Bristol University, she did a PhD in Film Studies in Cape Town. Highlights of her writing life include winning the Caine Prize in 2006, being a finalist in the Rolex Protégé/Mentorship Award in 2012, and being named on the Hay Festival’s Africa39 list of influential writers in 2014.

Twitter: @stonemadonna
Instagram: @stonemadonna

Books in order of publication:

The Cutting Room (2013)

The Wren Hunt (2018)

The Wickerlight (2019)

Blood to Poison (2022)

Mary Watson Titles