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Ross Montgomery

Ross Montgomery started writing stories as a teenager, when he really should have been doing homework, and continued doing so at university. After graduating, he experimented with working as a pig farmer and a postman before deciding to channel these skills into teaching at a primary school. He wrote Alex, the Dog and the Unopenable Door when he really should have been marking homework. He has since published The Tornado Chasers, Perijee and Me, Max and the Millions and Christmas Dinner of Souls. He has also written the picture books The Building Boy (2016) and Space Tortoise (2018), both illustrated by David Litchfield and published by Faber & Faber. His new novel, The Midnight Guardians, will be published by Walker in September 2020. He lives in Brixton with his girlfriend and many, many dead plants.

Twitter: @mossmontmomery

Books in order of publication:

Alex, the Dog and the Unopenable Door (2013)

The Tornado Chasers (2014)

Perijee & Me (2016)

The Building Boy (2016)

Christmas Dinner of Souls (2017)

Max and the Millions (2018)

Space Tortoise (2018)

Rock Bottom: A Midsummer Nightmare (2020)

The Midnight Guardians (2020)

Tripwrecked! (2021)

The Chime Seekers (2021)

Hurly Burly: Macbeth Mayhem (2022)

Penguin Huddle (2022)

Fortune's Fools: A Romeo Rollercoaster (2023)

Sheep School (2023)

Spellstone (2023)

The Thing at 52 (2023)

Ross Montgomery Titles