Matthew Turner

Matthew Turner joined Rogers, Coleridge & White in 2012 working for founder Deborah Rogers until she passed away in 2014. He has a BA in English Literature and an MA in Creative Writing. Matthew assists Peter Straus and is also curating his own list.

In non-fiction Matt’s tastes tend towards agenda-setting social issues – be they economic, political, scientific, environmental – and voices writing from the centre of those issues. They can be tackled by academics, journalists or those with lived experience. He reads narrative non-fiction, and favours playful, hybrid texts, undergirded by emotionally intelligent storytelling.

Matt is looking for fiction which takes a side-long look at the world, and which hopes to speak, to some degree, about its present. It should be propelled by character, atmosphere and have a vividly realised landscape.

His clients include:

Niamh Campbell
Susan McCallum-Smith
Ferdinand Mount
Richard Osmond
Vikram Paralkar
John Pearson
Ciaran Thapar
Peter Turner

His email is moc.y1532256992cnega1532256992tilwc1532256992r@weh1532256992ttam1532256992 and you can follow him on Twitter @mfredturner