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Times Atlas Of World History 5th Edn

A brand-new edition of the most comprehensive world history available, The Times Complete History of the World has been fully updated, and together with the addition of new material, remains truly the ultimate work of historical reference. From Homo erectus to the Cold War, from Alexander the Great to Global Warming, from Warfare through the Ages to the great Voyages of Exploration, The Times Complete History of the World is the book which has all the answers, the detail and the authoritative text tn one breathtaking single historical source. With over 400 full-colour maps on a wide range of historical subjects and the work of a team of professional historians, this new edition continues a tradition of quarter of a century of excellence, style, authority and cutting-edge design. For the first time this edition is internet-linked, permitting further in-depth exploration of key subjects. With additional materialon the United States and Canada, on Central Asia, Korea, China and Southeast Asia, together with new spreads on thematic subjects such as Warfare in the Modern Age, State Tyranny and Migration, this new edition, edited by leading modern historian Professor Richard Overy, is broad-ranging and more visually enticing than ever.

Agent: Cara Jones
Territories: Allworld: Collins Bulgarian: Anthea Chinese: International Editions Czech: Readers Digest - Vyber S R Dutch: Reader's Digest (Holland) Hungarian: Reader's Digest (Hungary) Korean: Eric Yang Agency Polish: Reader's Digest Przeglad Portuguese: Reader's Digest (Portugal) Portuguese: Reader's Digest Brasil Ltda Slovak: Readers Digest - Vyber S R Spanish: Reader's Digest Seleccione (Spain)
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