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Victim of the Aurora

In the waning years of the Edwardian era, a group of gentlemen wait out a raging blizzard in the perpetual darkness of the Antarctic winter, poised for a strike at the South Pole. As the storm lifts, a new challenge faces Captain Sir Eugene Stewart - to discover which of his twenty-five carefully chosen men has become a murderer. The quest for adventure has become a quest for justice.

'I was riveted by this tale of a man fighting the elements and his fellow explorers' - Daily Telegraph

'The period gives this book its strength and character ... altogether an admirable accomplishment' - New Yorker

'A powerful and subtle writer ... a remarkable novel' - Spectator

'The solution is as astonishing as it is inevitable, the denouement chilling and tragic' - Ruth Rendell

Agent: Sam Copeland
Territories: English: Harvest Books
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