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Blood Red, Sister Rose

The story of Joan of Arc has always held a special fascination for writers - among them Voltaire, Mark Twain, George Bernard Shaw and Jean Anouilh. Here Thomas Keneally transforms the legend, presenting a Joan who is at once a tough radical, an instinctive soldier, a nagging prophet and a touchingly vulnerable girl - a haunting and compelling heroine framed by the tumultuous times in which she lived.
'A St Joan book to remember...the familiar tragedy flames up with new and terrible effects in the retelling.' - The Sunday Times


'A vivid recreation of Joan's age, so full of hypocrisy, vengeance, blood, treachery and madness - once that is eminently worth reading.' - Financial Times

'A fictionally and spiritually satisfying Joan.' - Guardian

Agent: Sam Copeland
Territories: English: Sceptre
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