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The Innocent

The setting is Berlin. Into this divided city, wrenched between East and West, between past and present; comes twenty-five-year-old Leonard Marnham, assigned to a British-American surveillance team. Though only a pawn in an international plot that is never fully revealed to him, Leonard uses his secret work to escape the bonds of his ordinary life - and to lose his unwanted innocence. The promise of his new life begins to be fulfilled as Leonard becomes a crucial part of the surveillance team, while simultaneously being initiated into a new world of love and sex by Maria, a beautiful young German woman. It is a promise that turns to horror in the course of one terrible evening - a night when Leonard Marnham learns just how much of his innocence he's willing to shed.

Author: Ian McEwan
Agent: Peter Straus
Territories: Catalan: Ediciones Destino (Spain) Danish: Gyldendalske Boghandel Nordisk Forl Danish: Samleren (Denmark) English: Chivers Press Ltd English: Doubleday USA English: HarperCollins Publishers English: Jonathan Cape English: Key Porter English: Recorded Books Inc English: Vintage French: Editions Gallimard (France) French: Editions du Seuil (France) German: Diogenes Verlag (Switzerland) Hebrew: Am Oved (Israel) Italian: Einaudi (Italy) Japanese: Hayakawa Publishing, Inc. Latvian: Zvaigzne ABC Publishers Ltd (Latvia) Polish: Wydawnictwo Albatros Portuguese: Companhia Das Letras Portuguese: Editora Rocco Ltda (Brazil) Portuguese: Gradiva (Portugal) Romanian: Editura Polirom Russian: Toymania Publishers Spanish: Anagrama (Spain) Turkish: Merkez Kitaplar
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