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The Child In Time

The Child in Time opens with a harrowing event. Stephen Lewis ,a successful author of children's books, takes his three-year-old daughter on a routine Saturday morning trip to the supermarket. While waiting in line, his attention is distracted and his daughter is kidnapped. Just like that. From there, Lewis spirals into bereavement that has effects on his relationship with his wife, his psyche and time itself.

Author: Ian McEwan
Agent: Peter Straus
Territories: English: Chivers Press Ltd English: Doubleday USA English: HarperCollins Publishers English: Jonathan Cape English: Key Porter English: Recorded Books Inc English: Vintage English: William Heinemann Finnish: Otava (Finland) French: Editions Gallimard (France) German: Diogenes Verlag (Switzerland) Hebrew: Modan (Israel) Icelandic: Bokautgafan Bjartur (Iceland) Italian: Einaudi (Italy) Polish: Wydawnictwo Albatros Portuguese: Editora Rocco Ltda (Brazil) Portuguese: Gradiva (Portugal) Romanian: Editura Polirom Slovene: Mediasat Eastern Europe Kft Spanish: Anagrama (Spain) Swedish: Ordfront Publishing House Turkish: Merkez Kitaplar
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