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Jack Absolute

In 1777, Jack Absolute is famous the dashing lover in Sheridan's famous comedy The Rivals. However, this notoriety comes as something of a shock to the REAL Jack Absolute when he disembarks at Portsmouth after four months at sea, and seven years in India ...When his old commander is appointed to lead the army that will crush the American Revolution, Jack's history in the Colonies becomes vital. Years before he was adopted by the Iroquois. He knows their language and ways, and can rally these vital allies to the King's cause. Yet there is a traitor at the heart of the British army, betraying its every move. From a field of honour in London through the battle of Saratoga and the hunt for a double agent, Jack must fight revolutionaries, incensed rivals and a malevolent secret society - and all the while trying to protect the woman he loves...

Agent: Jon Wood
Publisher: Orion
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