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A World Of Its Own 1815-1890: The City Of London: 1

The first of a three-volume history of the City of London, this book encompasses the social and political dimensions, as well as the City's human aspect. It tells the story of the City's 19th-century ascent to its position as the world's leading international financial centre - the rise of the merchant banks, the growth of the Stock Exchange, the internationalization of the money markets. It also covers the characters behind these fundamental developments - the mercurial Nathan Rothschild or the dour Joshua Bates, who consolidated the power of Barings. Drawing on a wide range of original source material, this book brings the City of London for the first time into the mainstream of British and international history. David Kynaston is the author of "The Financial Times: A Centenary History" and "W.G. Grace's Birthday Party".

Territories: English: Chatto & Windus
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