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Space Blasters: Suzie Saves The Universe

Save the universe in the awesome and hilarious new space-themed adventure series from bestselling authors Katie and Kevin Tsang!

Suzie Wen LOVES gadgets and inventing things - but her inventions don't always turn out how she expects . . . And when Suzie invent the Super 3DTV Gizmo she ends up getting transported into her favourite TV show - Space Blasters! On board the space ship with Captain Jane, Spaceman Jack and alien with attitude Five-Eyed Frank, Suzie is soon exploring new planets - like the smelly Planet Cheddar - and meeting plenty of aliens. But when moons start disappearing, it's up to Suzie to save the universe. Can she put her inventing skills to use? And will she ever get home?

Funny, accessible and highly illustrated stories, perfect for readers aged 6 and up and fans of Bunny vs Monkey, Grimwood, Kitty Quest - and space!

STEM themes woven throughout, including real mindbending space facts and pages from Suzie's inventors' notebook.

Space Blasters will combine humour with space facts and pages from Suzie Wen’s inventor’s notebook, promoting STEM themes and inviting in non-fiction fans as well as fiction lovers. It will be highly illustrated by Amy Nguyen, the illustrator of Greg James and Chris Smith’s The Great Dream Robbery (Puffin). 

Publisher: Farshore
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