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Infinity's Secret (Dragon Force Vol 1)

From the creators of the bestselling Dragon Realm books comes the first in a brand-new, action-packed, dragon-obsessed series for 8+ readers. Are you ready to join the Dragon Force?
It’s been five years since the Dragon Realm fell into the Human Realm and both populations are now living side by side. But dangerous magical creatures are threatening to disrupt the peace and it’s up to a new group of heart-bonded humans and dragons to protect the world – the Dragon Force. Under the watchful eye of seventeen-year-old Billy Chan, Lance Lo, his younger sister Zoe and new friends enrol at Camp Claw to learn all the skills they need to become protectors. But when Camp Claw is mysteriously attacked in the dead of night, it’s up to the latest recruits to prove they’ve got what it takes to save the day.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster
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