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Stuart Clark

Stuart Clark has written over 15 books, been translated into over 20 languages and sold over 250,000 copies. He is a widely read astronomy journalist whose career is devoted to presenting the complex world of astronomy to the general public. He is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, a former Vice Chair of the Association of British Science Writers and is the cosmology consultant for New Scientist. The Independent placed him alongside Stephen Hawking and the Astronomer Royal, Professor Sir Martin Rees, as one of the ‘stars’ of British astrophysics teaching. He won the 2013 European Astronomy Journalism Prize. Over the years Stuart has written for amongst others: BBC Sky at Night, BBC Focus, The Times, The Guardian, The Economist, The Times Higher Education Supplement, Daily Express and Astronomy Now and his hugely popular ongoing blog ‘Across the Universe’ for The Guardian. Clark has appeared on many television and radio programmes.

Stuart’s next book, Beneath The Night Sky, a history of humankind’s relationship with the night sky, will be published in 2021 by Faber.

Praise for Beneath The Night Sky

"I was charmed by this enthralling, stargazey history of humanity" The Guardian

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