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Whatever Love Means

Like most people, Vic Mullan - once described by his best friend Joe as 'a man whose sense of social responsibility is exhausted by pulling over to let an ambulance by' - can remember where he was and what he was doing on the day of Princess Diana's death. Yes, he can remember it particularly well: he was at home, beginning an affair with Emma, Joe's wifeThe opening sections of David Baddiel's second novel chart the history of an intense and passionately sexual liaison set against the background of the most hysterical time in recent memory. But as the months wear on, and life and love return to normal, so things become more complex between Vic and Emma. And then, tragedy - a real, local, small-scale tragedy, as opposed to a national, iconic, mythological one - intervenes.

Part-satire, part-love story, part-whodunnit, and part-meditation on the nature of sex and death, WHATEVER LOVE MEANS confirms Nick Hornby's assertion that David Baddiel has 'gone straight into the First Eleven of young contemporary British novelists'.


'I read it in one sitting with awe… a thriller and a love story constructed with a sinister symmetry where everything comic is shadowed by something dark' Chrissie Iley, SUNDAY TIMES

'Touching and strange and funny' Sam Mendes

'A black, sometimes tender read …An impressive and intelligent book from a novelist who deserves to be taken seriously' THE TIMES

'hilariously un-PC and surprisingly tender…' WOMAN'S JOURNAL

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