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Unicorn Seekers #3: The Night of the Unicorn Dance

The final book in the magical Unicorn Seekers series by BBC disability ambassador, Cerrie Burnell! Elodie Lightfoot and her friends live in the most magical place in South London, where unicorns from all over the world come in search of The Secret Unicorn Society’s help. When shell shaped hoof-prints start appearing in the sand near the local volleyball court, they suspect another unicorn is in trouble. This time a Surf Dancer has come to warn them, a unicorn in her glory is in grave danger! Elodie and the Unicorn Seekers must race through the winding canals of Venice to save Delphi from a terrible fate.

A beautifully told adventure story with magic, excitement and, of course, unicorns!

The captivating final book in the much-loved Unicorn Seekers series, by TV personality Cerrie Burnell is sure to leave children completely enchanted

Gorgeous black and white illustrations throughout

Publisher: Scholastic
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