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Hunter in Huskvarna

On the way home I pass the hospital, it’s like a longing that never really fades, a longing to return to what once was, not having a life of my own, being at the beginning of something unfamiliar, not knowing what I will become.

The stories in Hunter in Huskvarna are set in confined Swedish landscapes and out in the wider world; between childhood and washed-out lives, between grief and exuberance, between raw reality and fairy tale. Destinies that together create a dizzying mythology about love and survival.



"Sara Stridsberg’s simplicity and poetic realism go right to the heart." – Dagens Nyheter

"Eleven charged and occasionally brilliant stories, including [one] about an enigmatic society similar to the Academy that Sara Stridsberg left in the middle of the 2018 crisis." – Kulturradion

"Hunter in Huskvarna is a stylistically eclectic and powerful collection – for those who haven’t previously read Sara Stridsberg, start with these short stories!" – Aftonbladet

"Hunter in Huskvarna is a well-balanced collection of short stories by Sara Stridsberg, about coming of age, experiencing loss – and about the Swedish Academy." – GP

Publisher: Bonniers
Territories: Denmark: Grif; Norway: Aschehoug; UK: MacLehose Press.
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