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Don't You Want Me?

Sex - there's a lot of it about. So why isn't Stella getting her fair share?

Admittedly, she's got a few handicaps: she's the wrong side of 35 and a single mum (to the adorable Honey), while her hot-blooded Frenchness turns Englishmen pale. Mind you, the men she meets are either perma-tanned showoffs or poorly socialized podgers. One lot have shockingly shiny white teeth; the other lot have, well, wives. What's a girl to do?

Dividing her time between London's most-PC playgroup (most popular kids' names: Ichabod and Perdita) and lessons on the art of pulling from her cheeky housemate Frank (shame he's got ginger hair everywhere), Stella is seriously starting to wonder if she'll ever have sex again.

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