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Anthony Holden

Anthony Holden was an award-winning journalist before turning prolific writer and broadcaster 25 years ago. He has won praise for his translations of Greek poetry and opera libretti as well as his definitive biographies of a wide range of figures, both living and historical. Best known for his studies of Shakespeare and Tchaikovsky, Laurence Olivier and the Prince of Wales, Holden has also written a history of the Academy Awards and two cult classics on poker : Big Deal (1990), an account of a year he spent as a professional poker player, recently followed by a sequel Bigger Deal : A Year Inside the Poker Boom (2007). His poker manual, Holden on Hold’em was published in 2010 by Abacus. His other recent biographies include lives of the Romantic poet and journalist Leigh Hunt, The Wit in the Dungeon, and Mozart’s librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte, The Man Who Wrote Mozart. Holden has presented numerous TV documentaries and continues to write regularly for a wide range of newspapers and periodicals on both sides of the Atlantic. He is currently chief classical music critic of The Observer.

Agent: Cara Jones
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