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Three To See The King

The third book from perhaps the most original comic novelist in England'I live in a house built entirely from tin. For a long while I was quite content here, and remained convinced I would find no better place to be. Then one day a woman arrived at my door and said, "So this is where you've been hiding. "'Living in a tin shack, on a great plain, with only the wind for company: what could be better? But with Mary Petrie rapidly turning your house into a home, and the charismatic Michael Hawkins enticing your neighbours away, suddenly there are choices to be made. Should you stay? Or join the exodus?
Agent: Sam Copeland
Territories: Dutch: Uitgeverij Podium bv (Netherlands) English: HarperCollins Publishers English: Picador USA Finnish: Werner Soderstrom (Finland) French: Presses Pocket (France) German: Suhrkamp Verlag Icelandic: Bokautgafan Bjartur (Iceland) Italian: Ugo Guanda Norwegian: J W Cappelens Polish: Zysk i Ska (Poland) Spanish: Grupo Editorial Random House Mondadori SL Swedish: Forum Publishers (Sweden)
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