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Explorers Of The New Century

It is the beginning of the century, and two teams of explorers are racing across a cold, windswept, deserted land to reach the furthest point from civilisation. It is, they find, 'an awfully long way'. Johns and his men take the western route, along a rocky scree, gossiping, bickering and grumbling as they go. Meanwhile, Tostig's men make their way along the dry riverbed in the East - they are fewer, with just five men and ten mules, and better organised than their rivals. But with Johns' team keeping apace in the distance, the race is on to reach the Agreed Furthest Point.
Agent: Sam Copeland
Territories: Dutch: Uitgeverij Podium bv (Netherlands) English: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC English: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich German: Suhrkamp Verlag Norwegian: J W Cappelens
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