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Some Comics

Here are some comics by Stephen Collins.

Or, to be precise, a little over 100 comics by Stephen Collins.

They constitute your opportunity to

a) discover what plastic bags really think about

b) learn the true identity of Kim Jong-Un’s life coach

c) have everything ruined by the internet


SOME COMICS was published by Jonathon Cape in 2014.

“A fantastic ear for dialogue and an uncanny ability to pick up on contemporary mores to make some of the funniest work around” – Mark Sinclair, Creative Review

“Collins’s stick figures are ordinary people trying to deal with incomprehensible, often horrendous circumstances […] Collins is a young man already equipped with the mordant gloom and brutal cynicism of the career cartoonist, and this is a fine first collection.” – Marcus Berkmann, The Spectator

“A slightly 1950s style and a genuine GSOH” – New Statesman

Agent: Sam Copeland
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