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Oh Canada, Oh Quebec

Taking a look at a political crisis - the independence movement and language laws in the province of Quebec, this book examines it in a satirical light. In October, 1992 the province of Quebec will definitely, but not necessarily, hold a referendum on whether or not it should opt for independence from Canada after 125 years of confederation. If a majority votes for independence, then Quebec would declare itself a sovereign nation within 18 months - a nation three times the size of France (though most of it is ice and snow). Passionate about protecting their language and culture, the Quebecois have gone overboard. Anglophone Quebecers endure draconian language laws imposed by inspectors known as "Tongue-troopers", Francophone vigilantes search the streets for illegal English-language signs and politicians push their case to the brink of absurdity. The author has twice been shortlisted for the Booker Prize and has won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize in 1990. He writes regularly for the "New Yorker" and "GQ".

Agent: Cara Jones
Territories: English: Chatto & Windus
Other Mordecai Richler, Estate of Titles