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Naming the Bones

SOME SECRETS ARE BEST LEFT BURIED - Knee-deep in the mud of an ancient burial ground, a winter storm raging around him, and at least one person intent on his death: how did Murray Watson end up here? His quiet life in university libraries researching the lives of writers seems a world away, and yet it is because of the mysterious writer, Archie Lunan, dead for thirty years, that Murray now finds himself scrabbling in the dirt on the remote island of Lismore. Loaded with Welsh's trademark wit, insight and gothic charisma, this adventure novel weaves the lives of Murray and Archie together in a tale of literature, obsession and dark magic.

'Her most thrilling yet - an electrifying journey to one man's heart of darkness' - Kate Atkinson

'Breathtaking. An astonishing spell of dark glamour' - Jake Arnott

'It's not magic that takes us to another world - it's storytelling. And Louise Welsh is mistress of that dark art' - Val McDermid

'A fine balance between the urban universities and the desolately remote Scottish Islands, creates an evocative setting for a brooding mixture of betrayal, darkness and secrets' - Waterstone's Books Quarterly

Agent: Sam Copeland
Territories: English: Canongate
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