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Impossible Parents

Ben Norm and his sister Mary take care over their appearance. They like to look good, while fitting in with the rest of the kids at school. But their parents are impossible. Dad has a scruffy ponytail and an earring through his nose. Mum is a dancer and wears a fishnet body stocking. How can they be stopped from totally mortifying Ben and Mary at Parents' Day? Brian Patten's other books include "Thawing Frozen Eggs", "Gargling With Jelly" and "The Magic Bicycle". Arthur Robins has also illustrated "Impo", "Little Rabbit Foo Foo", "I Know an Old Lady", "The Magic Bicycle", "Beware Olga!" and "The Finger-Eater".

Agent: Cara Jones
Territories: English: Walker Books Icelandic: Aeskan
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