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Free World

At the start of the 21st century, the world plunged into crisis. What began as an attack on the West by Osama bin Laden soon became a dramatic confrontation between Europe and America. Britain has found itself painfully split, because it stands with one foot across the Atlantic and the other across the Channel. The English, in particular, are hopelessly divided between a Right that argues our place is with America, not Europe, and a Left that claims the opposite. This is today's English civil war. Both sides tell us we must choose. In this powerful new work Timothy Garton Ash, one of our leading political writers, explains why we cannot, need not and must not choose between Europe and America.

'We are blessed in this country to have intellectuals like Timothy Garton Ash... who can communicate complex ideas in beautifully clear language.' -Independent
'Free world is an extraordinarily enjoyable and stimulating discussion of most of the questions that will concern us all from now until 2021.' -Literary Review

'This is an immensely ambitious book and Garton Ash is such a confident writer, with such a clear vision of where he's taking us, that we follow him through the trials tormenting our largely unfree world without ever feeling that the scale of the undertaking is beyond the author's ability.' -New Humanist

'Some will reach for the word "Utopian". Others will sniff and dismiss Free World as armchair geopolitics. They would be foolish to do so before pondering every word of this intelligent, well-ordered and sometimes passionate book.' -The Times


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