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Facts Are Subversive: Political Writing from a Decade without a Name

One of Britain's most influential and admired commentators presents his latest volume of dispatches from a troubled world. This fascinating collection includes essays from the last ten years on Islam and freedom, Orwell as an informer, the Lives of Others and Gunter Grass in the Waffen-SS. Timothy Garton Ash witnessed the fall of Milosevic in Serbia, visited Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma, watched the Orange revolution in Ukraine and talked to militant mullahs in Iran, and all these are recorded here, alongside critical reflections on the future of Europe, multiculturalism and terroris, all in these last ten years.

"What sets Garton Ash apart is that he never loses sight of the bigger European picture... he remains the best Anglophone observer of contemporary Europe" - Niall Ferguson, Evening Standard


"Timothy Garton Ash holds a mirror that magnifies... He writes masterfully and with compassion" - Neal Ascherson, Observer


"Garton Ash is a master of his art" - Ben Tonra, Irish Times
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