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A darkly powerful and blackly funny exposé of the horrors of life as a junior doctor, from the BAFTA award-winning creator of Bodyguard and Line of Duty.

‘Funny, readable, galling, painful and terrifying in all the right places’ - Guardian

Inside every hospital exists a world no outsider is allowed to see: a storm of malpractice, corruption, sex, drink and drop-dead exhaustion.

But for first day junior doctors, their initiation into this world – the ‘Killing Season’ – is about to begin.

A whistle-blowing despatch from the frontlines of hospital life, Jed Mercurio’s Bodies takes us on a nerve-jangling journey through one junior doctor’s loss of innocence, and his desperate, dangerous attempts to right his – and his colleagues’– wrongs.

Agent: Cara Jones
Publisher: Vintage
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