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Another Fine Mess

Tim Moore - indefatigable travelling everyman - switches two wheels for four as he journeys across Trumpland in an original Model T Ford. Lacking any mechanical knowledge or intuition, he sets off to bully a car from East to West armed only with a top speed of 25 mph, a fan belt made of cotton, wooden wheels (again) and a truckload of 'wise-ass Limey liberal gumption'. His route takes him exclusively through Trump-voting counties as he travels the nation meeting the everyday folk who voted red, or rather orange. Along the way he drives through the disintegrating rust belt, Detroit - the spiritual home of the Model T, through the mid-west, cowboy country and finally threading he way through a lonely stretch of Oregon, 'where everyone is either a lumberjack or a prison officer'. And he needs to do it in three months before the wall goes up and he's booted back to Blighty. With his trademark blend of humour, perceptive insight and peril, Tim Moore gives us a unique vantage point into Trump's America.

Author: Tim Moore
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