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All About Lunar New Year: Things to Make and Do

All About Lunar New Year: Things to Make and Do is the perfect gift!

Lunar New Year is one of the most significant holidays celebrated across Asia. This beautiful book is filled with crafts and recipes, fun activities and facts about the Lunar New Year celebrations observed by over ONE BILLION people.

Read about the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac and learn why they're so important to the Lunar New Year as well as the other stories behind this festival. Children can also create magical decorations, plan for the wonderful year ahead and make delicious treats!

The perfect activity book, children can:

  • Create magical lanterns
  • Make paper firecrackers
  • Design a rooster mask

Recipes include:

  • Korean rice cake soup
  • Chinese walnut cookies
  • Dumplings

This is the ULTIMATE book of Lunar New Year fun!

Author: Kevin Tsang
Publisher: Scholastic
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