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When Parents Die

The death of a parent marks an emotional and psychological watershed in a person's life. For children and teenagers, the loss of a parent if not handled sensitively can be a lasting trauma, and for adults too a parent's death can be a tremendous blow.

First publlished in 1992, this new edition of When Parents Die will speak to bereaved children of all ages. Rebecca Abrams draws on her personal and professional understandings of parental loss, as well as the experiences of many other adults, teenagers and young children, to provide the reader with an honest, compassionate and insightful exploration of the experience of losing a parent.

This new edition covers the entire course of grieving, from the immediate aftermath of a parent's death through to the point of recovery, paying particular attention to the many circumstances that can prolong and complicate mourning.

The previous edition of When Parents Die has established itself as an indispensible aid to the bereaved and the many professionals who work with them. Written in a clear and sympathetic style, this new edition has been fully revised and updated to take account of recent research and theoretical developments.

'Every young person who grieves for a dead parent will find this book speaks to them' - Dora Black, Traumatic Stress Clinic Child & Family Services

Agent: Peter Straus
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