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The Woman Who Ran Away from Everything

Being married to a comedian is no joke.

Kate is sick of it. Sick of being a wife, cook, dog walker and flat-pack assembler, while still being treated like a doormat. Her husband all but ignores her – unless he needs a clean shirt – and she’s constantly compelled to keep up with the (very smug) Joneses in their neighbourhood.

What happened to the fun-loving woman she used to be? At almost 50, Kate feels lost, overlooked and stuck. That is, until she comes home to one of her husband's impromptu parties – and is expected to feed their hungry guests.

And that’s it. Breaking point. The final straw.

Scrambling out of the bathroom window, Kate leaves. She has no money, no clean pants, and no plan – but a chance encounter sees her following her heart for once. And now there’s no going back…

Author: Fiona Gibson
Publisher: Avon
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