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Fiona Gibson

Fiona Gibson is an author "who captures the warmth and clutter of family life" writes The Daily Mail.

Fiona's new book is The Woman Who Ran Away From Everything (Avon, 2024) - She's Snapped, She's Cracked, And she's never going back...

Sick of being taken for granted by her husband a chance encounter sees Katie following her heart. Could a crumbling Scottish mansion and a handsome bookseller be just what she’s been looking for?

Fiona was born in a youth hostel in Yorkshire. She started working on teen magazine Jackie at age 17, then went on to join Just Seventeen and More! where she invented the infamous 'Position of the Fortnight.' Fiona now lives in Scotland with her husband Jimmy, their three children and a wayward rescue collie cross called Jack.

Twitter: @FionaGibson

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