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The Man I Met On Holiday

A hilarious and heart-warming tale of second chance love, perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Kristen Bailey and Jill Mansell.

Is he just a summer fling? Or the one she’s been waiting for?…

How Lauren thought her summer holiday would go: Priceless mother-son memories made before Charlie leaves for university.

How things actually are, now they’re here: Charlie refusing to speak to her and a creeping sense of dread contemplating the rest of her life alone.

Although Charlie has decided that holidays with Mum are now deeply uncool, Lauren is determined not to waste this trip. Then she meets James, who was supposed to be holidaying with his daughter but is now, like her, unexpectedly flying solo.

Lauren is soon sneaking away for romantic dinners under the stars and the pair start planning for a future.

But what happens when Lauren and James pick up their emotional baggage back home? And what will their kids make of their mid-life rom com in the making?

Author: Fiona Gibson
Publisher: Avon
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