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The Radio Was Gospel

"Elaine Feeney writes with an immediacy that cannot be ignored. Her words yield passion and compassion, dark humour, and fearlessness. Then sudden balm when you least expect it. She has set her own daring course, and follows it unflinchingly. She is steadfast, luminous and most of all true." Ellen Cranitch, RTE's Lyric Fm

"This poetry collection is poignant at times, at times hilarious, at times eloquent and at times downright naughty. Elaine Feeney is a leader through her words and cleverness, and a very important Irish voice for this generation." James Falconer, A Portrait of the Artist

"Elaine Feeney is the freshest, most engaging and certainly the most provocative female poet to come out of Ireland in the last decade. Her poem " Mass", is both gloriously funny, bitter-sweet in the astuteness of it's observations and a brilliant, sly window into the Irish female Catholic experience. Her use of irony is delicious. " Mass" alone ought to be on the Leaving Cert curriculum. In fact you shouldn't pass unless you've read it! Her comments on the human condition, which run throughout her lines, are in the tradition of Dean Swift and she rightfully takes her place alongside Eavan Boland and Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill as a very, very important Irish voice. I not only look forward to her new collection - I am pre-ordering twenty copies today." Fionnuala Flanagan, California 2013

The Radio was Gospel is born in Athenry among the sights and the sounds, the quirks and the traditions. The poet examines her childhood curiosity. This very powerful collection of juxtaposition of the way things should be against the way things are visits Venice, San Francisco, Spain, Salthill, the Aran Islands, the local church but mostly finds magic and secrets in the Front Garden. The certainty in paddling pools, bog fairies, yellow rose trees, sherbet dips, mass, horses and the radio; that mechanical throat in the kitchen, the ultimate escape. Then the contrasting uncertainty; the angst and confusion of growing up. This collection at times displays savage wit and then such startling beauty. At times elegant, at times brutal, a very captivating young voice in Ireland; The Radio was Gospel marks a coming of age.

Agent: Peter Straus
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