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The Parts

Keeping her company are her companion of many years Kitty Flood, and the discreetly insane American, Dr George Addison-Powell. Why is Delly so keen to die? What exactly is in the letter discovered by Kitty? What is Dr George doing in the shed by the overgrown tennis courts? And does any of it have anything to do with the conspiracy theories being hinted at on Joe Kavanagh's radio show? Down in the city, Barry, Joe's producer, is getting caught up in something and he's not quite sure what. While Joe is trying desperately to loose his foothold on life and is succeeding only in annoying his neighbours. And all the time, conducting business down by the river, doing his best to keep out of this, is Kez. Something is about to occur.

"A novel about storytelling, loss, regret, reed, and then human dilemma of memory, The Parts is the sort of novel that will take the oxygen out of the air for readers of Eugenides, DeLillo, Hemon, Zadie Smith, and so many others. That it is also a novel about America - in the guise of Dublin - is just one of Ridgway
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